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100+ Best Free Google Docs Templates

We have prepared for you this collection of 100+ Best Free Google Docs Templates. In the modern world, everyone competes fiercely for efficiency in their field of work. So here you’ll find templates for a variety of uses, including newspapers, resumes, itineraries, resignation letters and more. Moreover, these templates will help you reduce the time it takes to create documents and improve the quality of your professionalism.

Professionals design each of our templates, and they distinguish them based on their uniqueness, design, and functionality. We are confident that you will find the perfect template to suit all your needs here. Join thousands of users who have already saved time and increased their productivity by using our free templates for Google Docs. Rather, start studying this article and find out the most secret templates that have helped many people!

Classic Newspaper

A reliable template that is used by the most popular publications. Cool and so loved by all structural blocks will make it easy to fill it with interesting information and attract the attention of a new audience.

London Newspaper

An excellent newspaper that will surprise all your readers with its retro style. You can use this template to create an anniversary issue. This will be a great option for you to renew your readers’ interest.

School Newspaper

With this template, in no time you will be able to gather your audience at school and talk about the most interesting events of the last week. Your management or classmates will definitely appreciate the work you have done!

Wedding Newspaper

Delight your significant other with your most memorable moments, which will be captured forever in a print edition dedicated to your couple.

CV For Scholarship

Declare yourself as a fairly promising student who is ready for anything to achieve his goals. This template has all the necessary information and tools that will allow you to quickly create your CV with high quality.

Professional CV

The designer did a great job on this template, creating a competitive look and content for it. Therefore, now, it will definitely attract the attention of the entire commission or potential employer.

Modern CV

Tear your competitors on the job market using this template. It has an excellent structure that will help you show all your professionalism in the eyes of employers.

CV for Scholarship

This template is great for students who are confident that their knowledge and achievements should be rewarded. Excellent appearance and structure, will allow you to describe in detail your advantages and strengths.

Road Trip Itinerary

Start your journey with fast and efficient planning with this template. The designer did a great job with it, so it’s chock-full of cool solutions and handy boxes to help you write down everything from things to pack to places to stop.

Bachelorette Itinerary

There is nothing better than inviting your friends to your weekend to have a blast. And this template will help you to warn your friends in a timely manner about what awaits them and what they should be ready for.

Family Vacation Itinerary

There is one big minus in this template, it is absolutely not suitable for boring pastime. Excellent appearance, entertaining images, nice background and excellent structure will take away all the fears and worries from you while preparing for the trip.

Business Travel Itinerary

Remove excess nerves from your life, especially when it comes to important business meetings. Beautiful appearance and intuitive layout of the cells will allow you to quickly and efficiently plan your working leisure time and more.

Event Itinerary

Organize a super party, where there will be fun, joy and a huge number of new acquaintances. And in order to invite as many people as possible, use this template. We have repeatedly received great reviews from our users about its practicality, so we included it in our selection of 100+ Best Free Google Docs Templates.

Printable Packing List

From this template breathes peace and tranquility. After all, it is specially prepared in order to help save your nerves from unnecessary stress while preparing for a vacation trip.

Day Trip Beach Packing List

A great template that will help you even while preparing for an evening out on the beach or a walk in the park. And thanks to the excellent work of the designer, you got an excellent appearance.

Moving Packing List

Moving to another city doesn’t have to make you feel fearful and anxious about things, so you should give this template a try. Perfectly matched structure, colors and cells, which together form one of the top assistants on any trip.

Suitcase Packing List

This is a great choice for creative people who always want to bring a little bit of fun into their lives. A cool look that will provide you with the ability to quickly record and check all the collected things.

Resignation Letter 2 Weeks Notice

Using this template can help you quit your job with respect and courtesy. It can also help ensure important details are clearly stated, such as the date of termination and the reason for leaving.

Professional Resignation Letter

Using this template can help ensure that the letter of resignation is well written and up to professional standards. It will definitely cope with such an important task as helping employees to clearly and concisely convey information about their intentions to management.

Employee Resignation Letter

A well-written resignation letter can help maintain a positive employee-employer relationship and can also serve as a guide to future job opportunities. Thus, using this template can help make the letter look professional and meet the required standards.

Retirement Letter Of Resignation

By using this template, people can ensure that their retirement letter is well-written and meets the required professional standards. It also has enough resources to help people express gratitude to their employer and colleagues for their support throughout their careers.

Vintage Newsletter

This style perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the last century and is truly unique. Looking at this, memories of vintage cars, leather jackets and expensive Cuban cigars are brought back in the most vivid way. The use of building blocks and black and white photographs will inevitably attract the attention of readers and take them to the unforgettable atmosphere of the last century.

Halloween Email Newsletter

Get ready for your guests to be impressed and want to be part of this terribly fun Halloween celebration! Note that the template contains gloomy elements such as pumpkins, spiders, skeletons, which will create an atmosphere of mystery on your holiday.

Christmas Family Newsletter

This template can be the perfect choice for those who want to create a personalized greeting newsletter for their company, friends or family. Whether you’re using it for business or personal purposes, this template is sure to please your recipients’ eyes. This template is bright and eye-catching, it deserves a place among our 100+ Best Free Google Docs Templates and is a favorite of our users for a reason.

School Awards and Achievements Newsletter

You can easily tell your students and their parents about upcoming events, promotions and news at the school. Bright background and creative presentation of information will make your school mailing list attractive and memorable. Don’t miss the opportunity to use this template to create a professional and attractive newsletter for your school!

Old Lined Paper

This is a great template for connoisseurs of vintage and antique style. It is perfect for various pen writing or theater performance, etc. But you can also easily use it as a to-do list.

Elementary Lined Paper

Give your little students the opportunity to create and develop. This template has a huge number of different elements that you can decorate or use them to record educational material.

Halloween Lined Paper

This chilling template will be a great addition to Halloween celebrations. Perfectly chosen by the designer, images fit the theme of the holiday, and horizontal lines will help you create a creepy pleasant invitation to the party.

Lined Notebook Paper

Tenderness and relaxation is what this pattern is associated with. But despite this, you can easily take various notes or use it to write down your plans for life, goals for the month, etc. It is often chosen by most of our users, because it is very easy to edit and not only, therefore, it has a special place in our article.

Vegetarian Grocery List

A great template that anyone really needs, especially if you often forget something. It has a well-made design and useful blocks that will allow you to record all the necessary products. No wonder our users prefer it.

Organized Grocery List

This template can really be called a super hero! After all, it has a huge number of useful blocks, cells and features that will allow you to write down all the necessary products and even kitchen utensils.

Grocery List

Start teaching your child to be independent using this template. Write down a list of groceries and let him do the shopping. But it’s also great for adults.

Thanksgiving Grocery List

Start the holiday with the right preparation, which will lead to a great mood and a table filled with various goodies. Everything is perfect in this template, even the lines that highlight the cells are perfectly matched to the theme of the holiday.

Mind Map For Students

Plan, set goals and dream about the future, and this template will help you bring it all to life. High-quality images, many useful cells and great customization options, and this is just a small part of all its advantages.

Business Plan Mind Map

We are sure that many users reading this article prefer this particular template. After all, it has many useful elements that make your way to the goal much easier. And besides this, it combines two cool qualities – minimalism and fullness.

Business Plan Flowchart Diagram Mind Map

Build your business empire, but to make sure that all the steps are prepared on time, use this template. It has enough resources so that you can prepare a quality, step-by-step plan.

Creative Mind Map

Non-standard solutions will save the world! This also applies to this template, because everything in it consists of wild creativity, but despite this, its effectiveness is at a fairly high level. Many people have already used it in their lives, and were very surprised by the positive changes.

Photographer Price List

A very aesthetic template that can adequately present you as a professional who knows what his work is worth. And your customers will definitely be delighted with such a simple presentation of the prices for your services.

Dog Grooming Price List

A modern look that meets all standards. He also has enough tools to clearly convey to your customers the price for the services provided.

Barbershop Price List

Forget about customer questions about the cost of a particular haircut using this template. The simple structure and appearance, which matches the style of modern barbershops, will definitely be appreciated by your clients and senior management.

Business Price List

Simplicity is often deceptive! This also applies to this template. Simple appearance, here it goes well with a well-built structure and sections. All this together will allow you to create a decent price list for any business.

Physician Assistant Resume

This is a great option to beat your competitors and get the desired position. Cool design solutions and the ability to freely customize the template will allow you to quickly and effectively declare yourself as the best option for the position.

Fresher Resume

This template has its own excellent sections that will allow you to most effectively describe your professionalism and present your candidacy in full.

Minimalistic Resume

This is a template that will immediately increase your chances of getting the job you want. The stylish design and the classic arrangement of cells will allow you to place all the necessary information in no time.

Artist Resume

It’s not just a template – it’s an art! The colors for the background and cells are harmoniously matched here, and the structure will allow you to correctly write down your positive factors. We are sure that it will definitely become an important lever in your job search!

Photographer Business Card

You don’t have to spend a lot of time to declare yourself and your professional superpowers, just use this template instead. Excellent structure and cool design solutions will allow you to tell about yourself to other people.

Fast Food Business Card

Start growing your business with this cool and very important template. It will allow you to quickly create cards and distribute them to your customers and vendors so you can grow your base.

Church Business Card

Help parishioners find a church that suits them best by using this template. Declare yourself as a professional pastor who can really help people find peace and faith.

Car Washing Business Card

Tell the whole city or even the country about your car wash using this template. With it, you can easily share contacts with new business partners and build new connections that will be useful to you in the future.

Formal Meeting Agenda

Using this template, you will be able to schedule your meetings and achieve your goals while maintaining a professional and efficient work environment. And thanks to the excellent work of the designer, it has a great modern look.

Manager Meeting Agenda

Make your day more organized and free yourself from the bonds of unnecessary stress. It has all the necessary blocks and cells that will help you easily record all meetings or conferences.

Fun Meeting Agenda

Push your work team to develop and be more productive with this template. Huge editing possibilities and a number of advantages will allow you to quickly record the necessary meetings or deadlines.

Conference Agenda

Effective and productive team meetings are essential to the success of any organization. This template is designed to help you plan and structure your team meetings, ensuring all important topics are covered and everyone stays in the loop. Many of our users prefer it because of its ease of customization and editing. Therefore, it takes its rightful place in this selection.

Weekly Team Meeting Agenda

It’s a practical tool for any team that wants to streamline their meetings and make the most of their time together. With this template, you can create effective and efficient meetings that drive progress and improve teamwork.

Wedding Bucket List

You won’t find a better wedding list than this one! A beautiful snow-white background and images of bright green plants are perfect for any style of wedding. A great structure will give you the opportunity not to forget anything.

Family Bucket List

Make planning a family trip one of the fun and entertaining parts with this template. Nice appearance and creative design solutions will allow you to quickly and efficiently write down and prepare all the necessary things, including even a hair clip.

Retirement Bucket List

This is a wonderful template, which has a huge number of different goodies in its arsenal. The cool retro style, with slightly yellowed paper and creatively placed images, makes it easy to place all the information you need.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Create a terrifying sensation among your friends and loved ones using this template and showing that you really got into the mood of the holiday. The bright bloody colors in the background and the terribly eye-catching images in the background perfectly emphasize the theme. No wonder it is our users’ favorite from this article.

Japanese Food Menu

This template is guaranteed to be suitable for your restaurant, especially if it specializes in Japanese cuisine. Excellent structure, make it easy for you to place the required dishes and specify the cost. Customers will definitely appreciate its quality and convenient layout.

Bridal Shower Menu

Surprise your guests with an excellent menu, according to which they can navigate the time of serving dishes and their sequence. They will definitely thank you for such care even on your brightest holiday.

Wedding Menu

Here you can immediately see that the hand of a professional has worked. Simple structure and amazing appearance, perfect for any holiday theme. And four categories of dishes will enable your guests to immediately choose exactly what they want to taste. In this selection, it is the favorite of our users.

Halloween Menu

A terribly attractive menu will create a festive mood and help you feel the mysterious spirit that hovers over this day. Cool editing features and a frightening appearance will definitely appeal to both children and adults.

June 2024 Calendar

It is a great option for those who want to stay organized and efficient in their daily lives. This is a great template that includes all days of the month and allows you to add specific events or tasks to each day.

August 2024 Calendar

This is a great template that will suit you well for use in the office, at home, or even at school. The high-quality work of the designer made it possible to create the necessary sections and such a classic appearance for the calendars.

September 2024 Calendar

Stop getting lost in the numbers and days of the week, and start using this template. The standard structure and the ability to take various notes will allow you to quickly and accurately plan the entire month.

October 2024 Calendar

Designed to help you plan your month, this handy template has plenty of room to add appointments, meetings, and other important events. The template is fully customizable so you can make it work according to your unique needs. Also, it is one of the top ones in this collection.

Training Certificate

This is an amazing template, on which the designer worked very well. Here you will find all the necessary set of tools to create a decent certificate.

Sports Certificate

A great template, which in fact can be useful to many teachers or those responsible for graduating students from a sports academy. The high-quality structure and excellent appearance will surely please the recipients.

Massage Gift Certificate

This fully customizable template will help you create a personalized massage gift certificate with all the details you need, including the recipient’s name, type of massage, and any additional information you’d like to include. This is a thoughtful and practical gift that is perfect for a birthday, holiday or any other special occasion.

Certificate of Recognition

Use this template to please your graduates with new, high-quality certificates. Excellent structure and appearance, will allow you to easily add the necessary information about the recipients and the subject. Our users highly appreciate this template, which is why we added it to this collection of 100+ Best Free Google Docs Templates.

Elementary Class Schedule

Make learning for your little ones more interactive with this template. The creative work of the designer allowed us to combine the iconic game with a quality schedule structure for each day of the week.

Fitness Class Schedule

This is a great template for dieting or keeping track of your training period. It has all the tools and cells you need to help you achieve results.

Weekly Class Schedule

Help your students figure out the order of lessons or assignments by subject using this template. Stylish appearance and modern design will allow you to easily place all the necessary notes and other text accompaniment. Students will be happy with your choice.

Weekly College Class Schedule

This template is one of the most popular in this article. After all, its stylish appearance, well-chosen fonts, images and intuitive structure make it easy to place the name of the subjects, the names of the teachers and the start time of classes.

Weekly Meal Planner With Grocery List

Aesthetics should be everywhere, even in the smallest details, it was following this rule that this template was created. An excellent structure will allow you to easily fill it with the necessary text and not forget anything in the future.

Monthly Meal Planner With Grocery List

A great template that has everything you need to plan your meals and the necessary products. And remember, all great achievements begin with a detailed plan.

Travel Planner

This is a cool template that will allow you to easily plan your travels in great detail. “Where, when, cost, and tickets” are no longer just questions but rather stages of a future trip that you definitely need to consider and note down.

Weekly Goal Planner

The designers did a great job on this template, because only for its appearance, it takes its place among this collection of 100+ Best Free Google Docs Templates. And its useful structure will allow you to prescribe a plan and goals for the whole week.

Flower Shop Invoice

A decent copy that will allow you not only to help sort out the order, but also quickly send it to the buyer for approval. And its pretty structure is perfect for many businesses.

Editable Invoice

Help your customers quickly find out the total price and quantity of the ordered item. This will show that you care about your reputation and work only for the interest of customers.

Business Invoice

Surprise your partners with your professional approach even in such things as a bill. This template has a cool design and modern style, so it will be very easy to integrate it into any project.

Invoice Email

Increase your percentage of positive customer reviews and move to the professional segment using this template. It has everything you need to help your customers understand their order and pay you everything as a result.

Kindergarten Art Lesson Plan

This is a chic template that will help your little friends become more organized and self-reliant. A lot of useful ideas are implemented here, in connection with which you can easily complete the lesson and create the content you need.

Music Lesson Plan

This template will be a great option for music school coaches or individual tutors. In it, you can write down all the stages and topics of the lesson in order.

Science Lesson Plan For Kindergarten

Children will be delighted when they see this template, and even more so when they find out that it contains a lot of useful information. You can distribute it to each student individually or use it as a general lesson schedule.

Fall Weekly Lesson Plan for Preschool

Start using this template with a fresh start to the school year. It fits perfectly with the theme of the fall season and is highly praised by many teachers for its cool editing features and useful structure.

Guided Notes

Learn to memorize lectures of any teacher more efficiently and simply with this template. An excellent structure will allow you to write down any study material much faster and in a structured way.

Cornell Notes Printable

This template will definitely be able to take away your lack of sleep due to unlearned material or a large number of lectures that are so hard to remember. The structure will allow you to briefly write down important points and all questions of interest.

Therapy Notes

Any therapy will be more effective if you have a concise record of all the issues and problems discussed, as well as the therapist’s recommendations. This template will allow you to do just that, and as a bonus, you can write down your next visit date.

Monthly Habit Tracker

Excellent scheduling and editing capabilities, simple and clear structure, as well as excellent appearance, will definitely win your recognition.

Packing Slip

Simplify your work and cooperation with logistics companies using this template. Useful cells will allow you to quickly record all the necessary data about the customer and the accompanying information about the order itself.

Customs Packing List

Using this template can save time and ensure accuracy when preparing information for the client and logisticians. This can also help prevent delays or customs clearance issues.

Printable Packing Slip

This template can help streamline the order fulfillment process, saving time and reducing errors. The ability to quickly create and print accurate packing lists can improve customer satisfaction and help businesses maintain efficient operations.

Fillable Packing List

This is a generic document from this collection that allows users to create a detailed list of items to ship. It can also be useful for companies that want to track inventory or manage their supply chain. By using a fillable packing list template, businesses can streamline their delivery processes and save time and money in the long run.


A great template that will allow you to create the necessary quiz in the shortest possible time. And thanks to the bright and creative appearance, it will be easily perceived by both children and adults.

School Quiz

Creativity often wins the hearts of children and makes teachers their closest friends. This template was created just for this, so that you can not only conduct a lesson and test everyone’s knowledge, but also show that your lesson is a great option to spend a cool day.

Vocabulary Quiz

Arrange a school test with an interesting quiz. This template already has the necessary set of structural blocks and cells, which will allow you to use it for any events and conditions.

Printable Quiz

This is a template that can definitely be called the best in style and content from this collection. The designer has put a lot of effort into making sure you get a template that has a decent, professional look.

Book Report

This is not only a template that looks cool in appearance, but also a great helper for structuring the material you read. it will be useful not only for students, but also for teachers to more effectively check homework.

Elementary Report Card

Pretty cute template that your little students will definitely appreciate. Useful content and intuitive layout of the cells will allow them to easily make the necessary notes and better assimilate the lecture material.

Report Card

This is one of the brightest representatives of this article. It is a very useful template that will definitely come in handy for both home use and educational institutions.

Formal Lab Report

Using this template can save you time and ensure that your lab reports meet your requirements. It can also help students and researchers present their findings in a clear and concise manner.

School Graduation Announcement

With this template, you can effectively create a unique and personalized announcement of graduation from any high school or university, in which everyone can see a reflection of your achievements and personality. It can also help you provide important details such as the date and location of the graduation ceremony.

Child’s Birthday School Announcement

This is a great template to help communicate to the whole school that someone has their most important day today. A well-built structure will allow you to state everything concisely and clearly.

School Holiday Announcement

Let your school family know about upcoming excursions and trips. It has everything you need to convey the necessary information to students or their parents in a convenient form.

Positive Classroom Rules Announcement

The whole world rests on the rules, do not miss the opportunity to explain some of them to your students. This template has a colorful appearance that kids will definitely appreciate. And thanks to the well-done work of the designer, you will not need to spend a lot of time customizing it.

Printable Super Bowl Squares

The template is great for printing and using as an extra fun activity at a party with friends or at another event. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this fun game with your friends and family during the Super Bowl using this template!

Super Bowl Squares 2024

This is a great template to add some extra flair to a party or event and capture the interest of everyone involved. Considering that Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated and spectacular sports events of the year, this template will be a real lifesaver for anyone who wants to play this fun game with friends and family.

Super Bowl Pool Squares

This free template makes it easy to organize your game ahead of the biggest football match of the year. Just print out the squares, fill them in and distribute them to your guests. The colorful design and user-friendly format make it easy for participants to follow the game and track the results. Be sure that with this template the game will be unforgettable!

Super Bowl LVIII Squares

This is a great template that makes it easy and quick to create game squares and print them out for the participants. It has a stylish design that grabs attention and a convenient format that allows you to follow the game and track the results. No wonder it is our users’ favorite among this selection of 100+ Best Free Google Docs Templates.

Survey Form

The template offers many fields to fill out and a great look that anyone will definitely appreciate. This is a great solution for creating surveys quickly and efficiently and getting valuable feedback.

Printable Survey

This template is perfect for creating surveys of any kind. Whether you’re building it for school or the office, the professional structure and great form will help you finish it in no time.


A very extensive document, the structure of which will allow you to quickly create the necessary questionnaire.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Whether you’re looking to improve customer service or identify opportunities for growth, this template will help you get the information you need to succeed.

Well, congratulations, now you have the knowledge of the best collection of 100+ Best Free Google Docs Templates. And now, at any time you can turn to the knowledge collected here. But if these template variations are still not enough for you, you can turn to the gdoc.io site.