Suitcase Packing List Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Google Docs Suitcase Packing List Template. On the eve of the holiday season, we decided to make another more detailed checklist for the beach holiday. Studying the advice of experts, we came to the conclusion that it is better to divide the process of collecting things into several stages. In addition, we decided to designate them for your convenience.

1) Edit the list in Google Docs for your own personal purposes or remove unnecessary items. It will be easier to discard unnecessary things at this stage.

2) Place all your belongings in groups next to your bags. Check the list again and remove any items that are unnecessary. And you can visually assess the scale of collecting things.

3) Follow the guidelines for packing and folding things. Fold the largest items down, and the most important, smallest and most crinkle items on top. So it will be better if there is a separate bag or backpack for each group.

4) If there is space left in your luggage, we advise you to bring water, food or bruising products or insect spray, which will never be superfluous.

We wish you a pleasant stay and we hope that our suitcase packing list free Google Docs template will help you with this! Moreover, our template design is fully compatible with Microsoft Word and macOS Pages. Download more packing lists in the appropriate section.