Free Resignation Letter Google Docs Templates

Use the collection of free Resignation Letter templates for Google Docs. Choose one of the professionally designed templates and send to your boss. Thus, you will notify that you want to leave your position, move to a more promising direction, or even become a businessman. You can use any of the provided samples to send an email or print and alert your management in advance. Thereby, you will show your professionalism and care for the company.

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For which professions is the resignation letter template suitable?

By law, when leaving your position, you are required to notify your director 2 weeks before leaving work. This applies to all professions. Therefore, we have developed these templates, which can be editable for any profession: teacher, nurse, office employee or even waiting for retirement. Here you will find a sample resignation letter for any profession and reason for dismissal.

Are templates available only in Google Docs?

When downloading, 2 options will be available to you immediately: Google Docs and Microsoft Office. Our team understands that not everyone is comfortable working in Google Docs. So you can easily export any professionally designed template to Microsoft Word or PDF. Also, the entire collection has perfect compatibility with Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, MacOS Keynote.

How long does it take to start using a resignation letter?

All templates from this collection on are ready to use. So, if you need an urgent resignation letter, then you can take a ready-made. And best of all, it’s a free template and you can use it right away. All you have to do is change your personal information. The process takes only a few minutes.