Free Itinerary Google Docs Templates

Check out free editable itinerary templates for Google Docs. We present you a new, interesting and exciting section – Itineraries. This is a cool section where you are sure to find the template you need. Here you can easily find a template to describe in detail your vacation trip scenario. For example, it could be a honeymoon trip or a regular family vacation. Also, you can easily edit any of the itinerary templates and then print it.

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What is the purpose of this section?

It is actually possible to use any template in the section for a wide range of purposes. You can use them in the original (without editing anything) and as intended. For example, for a journey to the sea, to the mountains, to another city or country. However, you can also spend some time editing the template (change color, text, add a background, spreadsheet). And then use it as a packing list or for other purposes. You can plan everything that you will do while your trip, along with your soulmate, it will be very nice of you. It all depends on your goals, time and desire.

Where can I edit the template?

First of all, don’t worry that these templates won’t suit you, because they are compatible with all known platforms. In addition, you can easily download the original to your computer, and then edit it in MS Word offline editor. Most often, our users use a simple but very convenient Google Docs online editor. 

What events are itineraries suitable for?

You can apply itineraries to any event in your life. It could be your child’s birthday party at Disneyland. Or a full fun bachelorette party before the long-awaited wedding. Or a lovely Christmas weekend with the family. Moreover, the templates are perfect for business travel. Plan your day and every flight, transfer, restaurant and entertainment. Make your vacation the time of your dreams!