Classic Newspaper Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Classic Newspaper template in Google Docs. Make no mistake that the classics are necessarily boring, not at all. This is a primordial idea accepted by everyone and elevated to a canon. The minimum number of design elements will not distract from important news and text. The design highlights the high style and elegance of this template. In addition, the black and white color scheme is adaptive to any type of printing and will maintain the quality of your newspaper. This template has: a three-column strip, headings of the first (grotesque) and second levels (antiqua), body text (grotesque), quotes (grotesque, oblique), callouts, illustrations and photos of different formats and orientations, header with the name, number page, date and day of issue, barcode or QR code at the end.

Use the original classic newspaper free Google Docs template, edit or completely replace most of it. Add photos to your articles, come up with the name of the newspaper and topics covered in it. And finally release it into circulation! In addition, apply the logo, corporate elements and fonts according to your company’s brand book. Moreover, the template is easily editable online in Google Docs and ready to print. Go to the newspapers section on and find the best option!