Elementary Class Schedule Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Elementary Class Schedule Template for Google Docs. Children, especially at an early age, love to play different computer games. But getting them to learn something is quite difficult. Therefore, we have developed a special elementary class schedule free Google Docs template, with elements of the cult online game “Among Us”. Children will love this schedule. And they will definitely pay attention to the tasks, or to the events that are described there.

Original includes:
– Background in the style of space;
– Images of characters (astronauts from “Among Us”);
– Spaceship windows – days of the week;
– At the top is the name of the template, class and semester.

You can easily edit this template in any editor, such as Google Docs. Moreover, change the background, put the image of the forest, depict the days of the week in the form of boards, add characters from some kind of cartoon. And here is a new, unique template for you. On the gdoc.io website, you can find many similar templates in the class schedules section.