Semester Class Schedule Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Semester Class Schedule Template for Google Docs. Often, teachers fail to improve the productivity of their students. All this is due to the fact that children cannot focus on their studies. They need to remember a whole bunch of information: new teachers, lessons at different times and different classes, a lot of homework, etc. In this case, semester class schedule free Google Docs template will help you.

The initial layout consists of:
– Background in pastel colors;
– Various lines floating in the background space;
– Columns for the name of the school, class, the name of the class teacher;
– The template is designed in the form of modern schedule;
– The time is on the left and the days of the week are on the top of the graph.

As a result, this schedule will help you keep your students focused on learning, not on other, sometimes unnecessary activities. Edit the entire layout – text, background, images and also change the look of the table. Use the template at school, college, clubs, and even as a home schedule. In addition, bookmark to use this and other templates.