Elementary School Class Schedule Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Elementary School Class Schedule Template for Google Docs. What could be better than to interest the child in learning. So give him the opportunity to start this life with a big step, called “knowledge”. It is in elementary school that it is important to give the child an idea that studying is not boring, but rather cool. Free elementary school class schedule template for Google Docs will definitely help you with this.

Original template:
– Cute and cartoon background;
– Image of small animals in spacesuits, clouds, stars, moon and spaceship;
– Schedule name;
– An item for the name of the teacher and the class;
– Days of the week, and below them are columns in which you can write useful information or the start time of the lesson.

Use a template to let your students know about upcoming tasks and keep track of their progress. Moreover, you can easily edit the entire template in Google Docs. For example, change text, background, add new colors, etc. Use gdoc.io to find the templates you need faster in the future.