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Japanese Food Menu Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Japanese Food Menu template for Google Docs. Minimalistic and simple illustrations and Asian dishes are combined into a single style that is typical for the countries of the rising sun. The background represents traditional Far Eastern patterns. Minimalistic fonts do not detract from images of sushi, rolls and Ramen soup. The two-sided layout is divided into blocks with accent headings, the composition of dishes, weight and their cost.

High-quality detailed illustrations and patterns, aligned layout and embedded fonts will allow you to effortlessly edit and use the original document. Also, a high degree of layout adaptability will help you create layouts of any formats and types of printing.

Stable compatibility with any updates from Microsoft Word and macOS Pages will create the necessary conditions for quick editing and release of the layout in circulation. Check out gdoc.io for daily updates! Every layout is carefully reviewed by us, and we try to diversify the collection as much as possible in all directions.