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Cornell Notes Printable Free Google Docs Template


Introducing to you Cornell Notes Printable Free Google Docs Template. Every student knows sleepless nights due to studying the given material, preparing for exams, etc. Most often this is due to the fact that it is difficult for the student to remember a large amount of information in lectures. Many researchers advise using a special technique (Cornell notes). It allows you to make your notebook more structured and increase the efficiency of information perception. Our team of professionals knows your pain, which is why we created this Cornell notes printable free Google Docs template.

The modern look of this template is perfect for studying, because it does not distract from the lecture at all. The combination of blue, coffee, and pink colors creates a feeling of home coziness and comfort, as they blend well with each other. Additionally, the template structure is divided into three separate parts for convenience. On the left side, you can write down all the “Key points” that were in the lecture or in the material. In the second half, you can write down notes that you did not understand or understood. At the bottom of the template, you can write down your short summary about today’s lecture. Also, the template has horizontal lines that will allow you to record everything quickly and efficiently.

This template can help you not only with study, but also with work or advanced training. Also, if you wish, you can easily make changes to this template, thereby adding uniqueness to it. For example, you can change the background to a darker one or add more green tints, integrate a photo of a student, etc. For any kind of editing or customization, it’s best to use Google Docs. Use to find cool, useful, and best of all, free templates.