Printable Notes Free Google Docs Template


Here is a Printable Notes Free Google Docs Template. Judging by the statistics, today there are a very large number of people who cannot structure their day. Often because of this, they get emotional burnout, anger and an unpleasant feeling of apathy. Well-known psychologists, in such situations, are advised to write down their plans and important things on a separate sheet of paper. When you perform this procedure, it won’t overload your brain with unnecessary tasks, making it easier for you to find a suitable time to complete specific tasks. Therefore, to help you, we have made a printable notes free Google Docs template.

The simple white background and appearance will not distract you from filling in the information. Thanks to its minimalistic design, you can make a lot more tasks, as well as make your own adjustments. The name of the template uses the font “MS Madi”, which makes it stand out from the template. This template blends well with each other, combining dark and light shades. In the upper right corner is a place for the date and day of the week. To make it much more convenient for you to write down your thoughts and ideas, there are horizontal lines here.

This template allows you to use it for household chores, schedules, work, leisure and other areas of life. In addition, you can easily correct it (Google Docs). You can, for instance, add some additional details, upload a photo, or put a funny picture on the background. It all depends on your desire and the amount of free time. Look for more similar templates at, in the lined papers section.