Book Report Free Google Docs Template


Get our Book Report Free Google Docs Template. The wonderful world of books. Only in it, we can feel like a hero of some novel, visit Paris (while being at home), become a detective or a psychologist for a while. Our acquaintance with books begins in elementary school, and only teachers can instill in children a love of books. Therefore, before giving a task to your students to read a book, you should figure out how to get them interested in it. For these good intentions, you can use this book report free Google Docs template.

The appearance of this template is made in a creative, non-standard style. The background is a blue tint with squares, as on a notebook sheet. Images of drawn notebooks, glasses, a pen for writing and other elements look ergonomically on the template. There is a whole bunch of cells in which you can describe in detail any book or scientific material you read. On the left side of the template, there is a separate place where you can insert a photo of the book. Nearby, you can write the title of the book, indicate the author, genre, publication date, number of pages, etc. On the main part of the template, you can put your personal assessment of the book, write down a short review and your favorite fragment from the book.

The versatility of this template is great for its multitasking. You can use it in the school library, during literature lessons, for your report, and so on. Other than that, you can easily edit it. For example, change the background color to darker tones or integrate a cheerful picture there. Also, you can add more cells, accompanying text, etc. It all depends on your free time and desire. For any changes, it is best to use the Google Docs online editor. For more cool and free templates, bookmark