Printable Packing Slip Free Google Docs Template


We have prepared a Printable Packing Slip Free Google Docs Template for you, which is suitable for online editing. When sending goods to customers or moving them between warehouses, you must ensure that all goods have been properly packaged and shipped. Professional entrepreneurs most often know all the secrets of the commodity business, including how easy it is to track the integrity and fullness of any cargo. But our team of professionals has already learned this secret and prepared this printable packing slip free Google Docs template for you. Assisting both yourself and your clients, using this template will simplify the process of keeping track of products.

The template’s contemporary design is both minimalistic and captivating, featuring broad, untroubled brushstrokes that complement the chaotic art style. The peachy hue of the template contrasts beautifully with shades of black and orange. The template offers ample space at the top to include the template name and brand logo. The template follows a structured format. It includes a horizontal line where users can input their contact details, such as name, address, phone number, and email. The sections beneath allow the user to fill in the sender’s and recipient’s details, including name, address, and contact number. The user can also input the invoice number, delivery method, and receipt date. Moreover, the template comprises a structured table to record information about the purchased products.

The template is editable using Google Docs. So users can modify the text color, add a background photo, or keep the original design. With offering a range of helpful templates, it is an exceptional resource to bookmark and visit frequently.