Generic Packing List Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Generic Packing List Template for Google Docs. One of the main components of any business is the packing slip. A packing slip is a document enclosed with a shipment of goods. It lists the items that are being shipped, as well as their quantities and any relevant information such as serial numbers or model numbers. The packing slip is a useful tool for both the sender and the recipient, as it helps to ensure that the correct items are being shipped and received. After all, it will be more pleasant for any client if you put all the important information on one sheet. As a result, customers may contact you more than once. Therefore, we have developed a Generic Packing List Free Google Docs Template for your business and customer convenience.

The original template includes:
– Information about the recipient (Order Number, Date, Purchase);
– Order Details (Name, Company, Address, City, Zip Code, Phone);
– Other Details (Address, Phone Number, Fax);
– Divided into a structured table, with columns (Product, Description, Unit/Type, Order Quantity, Ship Quantity).

Use this template to help your customers and show that you care about their comfort and convenient use of your service. Also, thanks to the simple execution of the template, you can easily change the background, color, text, remove unnecessary elements, add your logo and much more. Google Docs is good for this. In addition, bookmark to download additional packing slip templates for free.