Export Packing List Free Google Docs Template


Today, we have prepared for you a free and easy to edit online Export Packing List Template for Google Docs. Most who are just starting their journey in sales come to the conclusion that they simply do not know how to increase their earnings. In fact, this is a pretty serious problem that many newbies face in any business. Experienced entrepreneurs know that the secret is to gradually create a comfortable environment for their potential customers. And those who are in sales can use this export packing list free Google Docs template. It will help you simplify your work and cooperation with delivery companies.

Its simple style will allow you to quickly fill in the necessary information and not lose it among other papers or documents. On the main part of the template, there is information about the consignee, as well as about the exporter (name, address, city, number, country, etc.). Just below the delivery plan details (method, type of cargo, port of arrival, container number, weight, seal Nº, etc.). In addition, the template contains a separate cell in which you can record additional information about the cargo or wishes for delivery, place and date of arrival, signature and much more.

Integrating this template into your business will help you deal with logistics faster and simplify the work of your enterprise. Also, in view of the simplicity of the template, it can be easily modified. For example, add your logo, company name, background, change colors to more suitable ones, etc. Or you can leave everything as is and just print it out. For any kind of editing, you can use Google Docs. On the gdoc.io website, you can visit sections such as: reports, price lists, invoices.