Fillable Packing Slip Free Google Docs Template


The Fillable Packing Slip is a new and free Google Docs template that can be easily customized and used online. In the modern world, most successful entrepreneurs who have managed to achieve great success understand what is necessary for the rapid development of business. For example, most of them believe that now it is necessary to digitalize their activities. After all, now most buyers make orders over the Internet. Even judging by statistics, those businessmen who provide their services online and offline are doubly more popular among customers. So start introducing your business into the world of the Internet. You can use this fillable packing slip free Google Docs template. Send it to customers right by e-mail, thereby it will be easier for them to monitor their purchases.

A simple appearance that is excellent amenable to various changes and editing. A thin frame of gold highlights the main text. The name of the template has clear boundaries thanks to the “Allison” font. A little lower are the places where you can specify the delivery date, invoice number, payment date and to whom it is addressed. Next is a structured table in which you can write down all the necessary information about the purchases of the client. It includes: quantity, description, name and final price. In the lower part of the template, you can leave a small message, wish or contact number. This is a great way to maintain communication with you.

Beginners who have just started their way in retail trade or the provision of other services should definitely use this template. In addition, if desired, you can easily edit or customize it. For example, add a new color for the background, change text content, font size or completely process the structure of the table. Google Docs will allow you to do all this. Moreover, if you often need high-quality templates, then you should definitely save, and then use the site