Bachelorette Itinerary Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Bachelorette Itinerary Template for Google Docs. A bachelorette itinerary is a schedule of activities and events planned for a woman’s final days or weeks as an unmarried person before she gets married. Probably the most mysterious day in a girl’s life is her bachelorette party. These events can include a variety of activities such as spa days, wine tastings, group dinners, and dancing. In order to create lasting memories, the bride-to-be puts together an itinerary with her friends to celebrate her last days of singledom. That is why it is better to use the bachelorette itinerary free Google Docs template.

Here are the components of the original template:
– Bright and colorful background, with the image of fruits, as well as plants on the sides of the template;
– The name of the template, and also the rest of the text
– Fonts: Hurricane Regular, Tenor Sans, Montserrat;
– A handy schedule that shows your future actions step by step.

Use this template as is, or completely change the look and then print it out. In order to change the color, background, add images or details. Google Docs is ideal for editing. Find more unique, colorful and useful templates at