Therapy Notes Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Therapy Notes Template for Google Docs. Sometimes, wherever we are, at school or at work, we have problems. For example, in communication with classmates or with superiors, which gradually upsets us, makes us lethargic and not energetic. This is a fairly common problem that is difficult to solve on your own. In such situations, you need to act decisively and immediately turn to a professional psychologist. He or she will help you work through the problem and give you tips on how to relieve stress, etc. So that the psychologist can examine you in detail, you can pre-fill this therapy notes free Google Docs template.

The simple appearance of this template does not distract from the content. It is well suited for filling in detailed information. The template name has a well-defined border, making it very difficult to lose it among other documents. Coral and white shades blend well together and create a kind of harmony. There is a place to record the patient’s name, appointment number, and date. Below is a paragraph in which you need to write down the main points of the discussion (what worries you and you would like to discuss with a specialist). In the middle of the template is a huge entry for Session Notes & Observations. At the bottom of the template, there is a structured table in which you can assess the patient’s condition (before and after), set the date for the next meeting.

Also this template is perfect for casual discussions or debates that you can have with your friends. In addition, you can easily edit this template in Google Docs. For example, you can add new topics for discussion, change the size of the text, add new colors or pictures related to the topic of psychology. To make your business, study, or everyday life better or easier, you can use the available, and most importantly, free notes templates on the website.