Meeting Minutes with Action Items Free Google Docs Template


Today, we have prepared a free Meeting Minutes Google Docs Template with Action Items for you. The most common mistake that haunts the majority of the population of the whole world is not writing down their meetings, things to do, etc. As a result, you lose more than 50% of your energy just to remember to do everything. Pay attention to famous people, those who have achieved no small success in their lives. All of them take time every day to take notes, take small notes and structure their next day. Therefore, you should definitely try out this meeting minutes with action items free Google Docs template.

White background, with colorful shapes, lines and stripes. The name is harmoniously placed in the upper left corner and stands out well thanks to the font “Merriweather”. Just below there is a place for the date, time, location and recording of the meeting participants. In the middle of the template, you can see a separate cell in which you can write down all the important points from the meeting or what you would like to discuss. Next, there is a place where you need to enter information about solutions to problems or questions that arose during the discussion of a particular topic. At the bottom, you can find a structured table where you can easily enter Action Items (Tasks, Due Dates, Assignee).

This template will be very useful for many businessmen, self-employed people, freelancers, etc. It will help you to qualitatively hold any meeting or event. Also, if you want, you can easily customize this template. For example, add a new color to a column, change the text or its size, make the font wider, etc. For this, a simple Google Docs editor is excellent. If the constant availability of useful and free templates is very important to you, then you can use the website.