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Therapist Notes Free Google Docs Template


Today, we have prepared a free Therapist Notes Free Google Docs Template for you. It is suitable for online editing. Often, psychologists are characterized with best friends or a ray of hope that will open the gate to new happiness. Indeed, if you have difficult moments in life that you cannot cope with on your own, then you do not need to endure, but immediately contact a professional. So the therapist will be able to diagnose you, listen to you, and prescribe some treatment if needed. And in order for the psychoanalyst to be able to examine you qualitatively, it is better for him to use this therapist notes free Google Docs template. You can print it out and bring it to your appointment.

Plain white background, with small specks of paint. Images of olive branches and a tea tree in the middle and in the left corner. This is a two-page template, the pages of which are numbered for convenience. The name stands out among the main text, thanks to the font Kaushan Script. Below, there is a place to write short information about the client and the session. In addition, there are three cells that the psychologist must fill in (topics that disturb the patient, observation and notes about the session). On the second page, there is a structured list to fill in the methods used in this session, recommendations for home exercises, therapist reminders, and a plan for the next meeting.

This is a great template that many psychologists and therapists can use. So it has everything you need for a qualitative analysis and recommendations to the patient. In addition, you can easily change the color scheme of text or individual cells, add new horizontal lines for ease of writing, or simply leave everything as it is. For any kind of editing or customization, it’s best to use the Google Docs editor. To always have the templates you need, it’s best to save the site. Moreover, here you will find all the necessary, and most importantly, free templates.