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Psychotherapy Progress Notes Free Google Docs Template


Introducing to you Psychotherapy Progress Notes Free Google Docs Template. Unfortunately, there are times when we lose our life orientation or simply fall into a depressive state. In such cases, it is better to never hesitate and turn to a psychologist or a professional in one direction or another. Often, it is a consultation or a full-fledged appointment with a specialist that helps to overcome the apathy that has arisen. In order for a psychologist to show you your progress, you can use this psychotherapy progress notes free Google Docs template.

Simple, but very attractive appearance of this template does not distract from its content and relaxes with its aesthetic appearance. White background, goes well with fresh mint shades. The name of the template stands out well due to its size and font (Dancing Script). There is a separate cell in which you can write down the name of the client. And also the date of admission and the future date of admission. The whole template is divided into separate categories. You can record a brief description of the methods of treatment used, the client’s condition, the client’s status (at the moment), the assessment of the expected risks. Also, there is a separate place where you can write down important notes from the meeting. Horizontal lines for ease of writing.

This template is suitable for psychologists, cognitive analysts or for your introspection. With a strong desire and free time, you can easily edit the entire template in a simple Google Docs editor. Feel free to replace the methods of intervention, make the colors softer and less saturated. Or you can just resize the cells. Moreover, as we update the collection of templates on every day, you can discover templates suitable for any event.