Self Care Wheel Free Google Docs Template


The Self Care Wheel is a new and free Google Docs template which you can easily modify and use online. To preserve your overall health and contentment, self-care is a vital element. This involves prioritizing your physical and mental welfare, which can considerably influence your standard of living. Many esteemed psychologists suggest that periodic introspection can help you utilize your inner resources more effectively. For this purpose, it’s advisable to create a concise chart where you can jot down any detrimental behaviors or thoughts. By doing so, you can then work towards eliminating them on a daily basis. This Self Care Wheel free Google Docs template is perfect for that.

The background consists of a solid white color and a variety of geometric shapes. The name is located in the center of the wheel itself, thanks to which it is clearly visible, and it becomes immediately clear what this template is intended for. The map has 6 different elements, which are divided into special sections (Personal, Spiritual, Professional, Physical, Emotional, Psychological). In each of them, you need to write down all the reasons and habits that adversely affect your moral, physical and spiritual state. All sections have their own color, so you can easily find the section you need.

By using this template, people can easily identify areas they may need to pay more attention to and make self-care a regular part of their daily routine. In addition, you can easily modify or customize. For such changes, you can use the Google Docs editor. More cool and interesting templates can be found at