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Mental Health Self Care Wheel Free Google Docs Template


Here is a Mental Health Self Care Wheel Free Google Docs Template that you can edit and use online. Any person has moments in life when he feels empty and does not have energy even for simple actions. Most often, this is due to a bad mental state. Well-known psychologists, in such cases, are advised to immediately conduct introspection in order to identify the obvious causes of this problem. Researching this phenomenon, most analysts suggest using the mental health self care wheel free Google Docs template to prevent this condition. It will allow you to do a little introspection, and it will also help you get rid of destructive habits.

The plain white background goes well with the multicolored map elements and gray stripes. The name of the template is located in the center of the circle, thanks to which it has well-defined borders. We use non-standard, but very high-quality fonts Poppins and Arimo here. The circle includes six separate parts, which consist of: Physical, Professional, Personal, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual. Each of the sections has special tasks, gradually completing which you can specifically improve your moral and mental health.

Use it for your own needs or give it to a friend who needs such help. However, if you want to add more exclusivity to this template, you can easily do it in a simple Google Docs editor. For example, you can change the background to your favorite color, or add some funny image there. Or change the tasks to those that you think will help you achieve peace of mind. It all depends on the time and effort that you are willing to spend on editing. If you often need planners to make your life easier, then you should definitely save and use the site.