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Printable Blank Self Care Wheel Free Google Docs Template


Printable Blank Self Care Wheel is a new Free Google Docs Template. Every day, the practice of self-care becomes more and more important. Our rapidly changing world often contributes to the development of various mental and other disorders. Therefore, more and more well-known psychoanalysts advise using a small health card. Thanks to timely analysis and the fight against negative and harmful habits, it will allow you to feel more peaceful and be in harmony with yourself. Our team of professionals prepared this printable blank Self Care Wheel free Google Docs template for you.

This template has a modern minimalist appearance. The white background has a strong association with a fresh frosty morning. The name stands out in the lower left corner due to the distinctive “Oswald” typeface. The Self Care Wheel is marked with a circle with arrows that loop as if in infinity. So that you understand that these mental problems need to be constantly addressed and not forgotten about. You need to write down all the problems, addictions or acquaintances that adversely affect you in 6 separate sections dividing the map. And then, you need to gradually refuse and get rid of all this.

No matter how much time you’re willing to spend taking care of yourself, the printable blank Self Care Wheel template will help you stay on track. Use this tool to improve the quality of your life and achieve the highest levels of well-being. Plus, you have the option to include fresh hues, humorous visuals, or change the wording if you choose to do so. This will require using a typical Google Docs editor. Moreover, to ensure you always have access to innovative and free templates, the website is at your disposal.