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Middle School Report Card Free Google Docs Template


Introducing to you Middle School Report Card Free Google Docs Template. It is very versatile and has all licenses for free use. School years occupy separate shelves in our memory. Often, these are bright and pleasant memories that warm our hearts every day. But also, the school is a huge responsibility for teachers. Indeed, often, teachers have to create reports on the progress of their students. Sometimes, they even have to create report cards themselves, while spending a huge amount of time and energy on it. That’s why we created a free middle school report card Google Docs template for you.

The strict but attractive appearance of this template will surely please your students. And also parents will appreciate your non-standard approach. The fresh mint colors on the top and bottom of the template make it stand out from the rest of the report cards. Also, there is a convenient table, with separate cells (Student’s Name, Attendance, Quarter, Subject, Grade, Evaluation System, etc.). At the bottom of the template you can specify how many school days are missed or attended.

Due to its strict appearance, it is perfect for many educational structures. For example, you can use it online, in home schooling, in face-to-face classes, etc. Also, if you want to surprise your students with your own template design, you can easily edit it. For example, you can change the text, cell size, add a new color to the background, integrate funny pictures or class photos, etc. It all depends on your free time and desire to create. You can find even more useful templates on the gdoc.io website, in the sections: lesson plans, lined papers, class schedules, etc.