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Homeschool Report Card Free Google Docs Template


Use our free and easy to edit online Homeschool Report Card Free Google Docs Template. Currently, there are a growing number of schools in which children study completely remotely. All training takes place online. Starting from the moment the child enters school, and ending with the graduation class. But, unfortunately, teachers have no less worries. They still have to monitor the progress of students, make monthly reports, give grades, etc. Therefore, we decided to prepare this Homeschool Report Card Free Google Docs Template for teachers and parents. It will definitely help you quickly set final grades.

Modern appearance, which is made in a minimalist style. With a combination of a plain white background and multicolored images at the top and bottom of the template, it’s great for capturing students’ attention. On the first lines of the template, you can place the name of the student, as well as the class in which he studies. A little lower, there is an ergonomic table in which you can write Subject, Grades for 1, 2, 3 and 4 Quarters, as well as teacher comments. The template contains an area at the bottom where the teacher can write down his wishes or comments to the student, his differences in learning and what he can improve. Also, you can choose to evaluate the student’s behavior in the lessons.

In addition, you can easily edit this template. To do this, you can use an editor such as Google Docs. For example, you can remove unnecessary cells or scale their size, change the white background to some bright colors. Also you can add an image of students or some funny picture with which you associate them, etc. Use to find more similar templates for school, university or your work.