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Kindergarten Report Card Free Google Docs Template


Use our free and easily editable online Kindergarten Report Card Free Google Docs Template. Kindergarten is the best place that every adult misses. No worries, worries, work and other adult problems. Here, everyone had the first “school mothers” who gave us the first knowledge. Kindergarten teachers always give a piece of themselves and their knowledge to children. But they also have a whole bunch of work to do with each kid’s grades. To facilitate this responsible but very important work, we have prepared this Kindergarten Report Card Free Google Docs Template.

Bright, full of cute elements and colors, the background of this template will appeal to every child. Moreover, the image of balloons, stars and a child are well associated with friendship and evoke pleasant memories. First of all, you are greeted by a bright name, and a place to record information about the child (name, level, class adviser, section). A little lower, there is a structured table, made in the form of notebook sheets. It has two parts, one of which contains the name of the items, and the second Quarterly Grade. At the bottom of the template, there is a designation by which system you evaluated the work and Feedback & Remarks. In addition, here you can write down some wishes or advice for students and their parents.

You can easily adapt the entire template to fit your own style. For example, change the background, add photos of students, replace color, images. In general, you can be creative as you like and as much as you want. It all depends on you and your desire to leave vivid impressions about yourself. For any changes, you can use the online editor Google Docs, or similar in functionality. On the website, there are a huge number of different templates that are suitable for free use for personal and commercial purposes.