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Social Media Content Calendar Free Google Sheets & Excel Template


If your dream is to become a professional blogger, then you definitely need this Social Media Content Calendar Free Google Sheets Template. This gives you ample opportunity to achieve enviable consistency. Sometimes SMM companies that develop blogger accounts encounter difficulties in the form of expired orders, unfulfilled contract terms, unpublished posts, etc. All this leads to one thing – the inevitable loss of customers and reputation. We understand that you don’t want to lose all your hard work. So we have prepared this Free Social Media Content Calendar Google Sheets Template. Additionally, this table will assist you in monitoring every aspect of your activity across different platforms.

The simple style of this template allows it to contain many useful features. Thus, making it universal in use for both ordinary users and professionals in the world of SMM. The template contains two parts. It includes the calendar itself, which is placed in the first horizontal column. You can easily select a specific date and fill it with a custom color. Nearby we have placed the names of popular social networks and sites from Instagram, X-Twitter, Facebook, to TikTok, Medium and Pinterest. Next to each social network, you can select both the content category and its creation status to schedule it accordingly. High-quality fonts create a great style and simplify working with it.

Whether you’re scheduling posts, collaborating with a team, or analyzing past performance, this template offers comprehensive tools. This template aids in keeping you focused on creating effective content strategies for the future. Thanks to the Google Docs editor, you can effortlessly insert plans into your schedule and modify columns based on your preferences. Open and take control of your content strategy with confidence and ease!