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Automated Monthly Calendar Free Google Sheets & Excel Template


Start tracking your life and goals with this Automated Monthly Calendar Free Google Sheets Template. Everyone, at least once in their life, has wondered: “Why is nothing going according to plan for me?”. Often, this happens precisely as a result of the loss of a clear and formed vision of the goals or plans for the week or even the next day. Losing these guidelines, we gradually fall into the abyss of unfulfilled tasks and plans. To limit these problems, we have prepared this Automated Monthly Calendar Free Google Sheets Template for you.

Every detail of this template was worked out by professional designers. This, in turn, allowed us to add a lot of functionality to it. A fairly large repository, it contains a structured table that is divided into calendar cells for 1 month. The top part will not only allow you to place a topic but also add the ability to record the month and year. On the right, there are cells for recording your plans, goals, and even the birthdays of your family and friends. The combination of simple shades of white and classic blue makes its use as varied as possible.

Fill your life with distinct clarity as well as readiness to accomplish any task using this template. Its style and background make it easy to add your own editable elements, including images or motivation quotes. Google Sheets works great for this. So stop missing moments in life and destroying your goals by simply forgetting about your daily plans! Use any template and bring a touch of harmony into your life.