Onboarding Checklist Free Google Sheets & Excel Template


Become a true leader who cares about your employees by using this Onboarding Checklist Free Google Sheets Template to increase their success and productivity. Today’s life presents many moments that attempt to undermine our motivation and confidence in our actions. One of the most powerful influences that causes such conditions is a new area of ​​work or position that your employee has just begun to master. So to prevent all possible negative consequences, you simply need to use this Onboarding Checklist Free Google Sheets Template.

This checklist has a high-quality set of unique details. It made it possible to create a truly universal tool for supporting and helping your colleagues or subordinates. It mainly comprises cells, divided into horizontal and vertical categories. In the upper first horizontal row, we have listed the following periods and points: the name of the profession, the preparatory period, employee orientation, and integration of the employee into the work environment. Each period is further divided into several points, such as the preparatory period for upon hire decision and prior to start date. Furthermore, the organization schedules orientation for both the first day and the first week. Below each of them we have placed tasks. The person responsible for onboarding must complete them to become familiar with the workflow and more.

This template can become your companion in recruiting professional staff and assisting in the adaptation of each of them. An excellent advantage that this template has is its extensive capabilities in the use of simple editing programs. For example, using Google Sheets, you can fill it with a sufficient number of new details. Stop missing out on training your employees and placing all the responsibility on their shoulders. Instead, use the site gdoc.io and prepare employees who will be happy to come to work.