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Free USA Travel Bucket List Google Docs Templates

Introducing Free USA Travel Bucket List Google Docs Templates. Are you planning to build a route through one of the states of America, but don’t know how? Is there a little time left before the trip to USA starts? Do you want to truly plunge into the world of the wild west and endless prairies, or maybe walk along the avenue of stars and take a promenade along a wooden deck and enjoy the view from Brighton Beach? If your answer is clear and positive, then our collection of Travel Bucket Lists for US states will be an indispensable resource and turnkey solution for you. Thanks to free USA travel bucket list Google Docs templates, a rich and comfortable rest will be guaranteed to you. And besides this, we delved into the issue and collected information with the advice of experienced tourists, guides and tour operators.

If you want your trip to the USA to be as productive as possible and something more than just a trip, then take note of a few simple but effective Travel Hacks:

1. Read the stories of travelers who have organized their own itineraries in the USA. Fortunately, America is an extremely popular travel destination and hundreds of millions of people visit it every year.

2. Check thematic routes dedicated to: street food, art, theaters and musicals, based on famous series and films, designed for a certain number of days, architecture and skyscrapers, celebrities, active lifestyles, including extreme sports, and many other topics. Choose only the most interesting for you or your family. If you are organizing a trip as a guide or for employees or a large group of friends, do not be too lazy to conduct a survey or at least just ask about their preferences.

3. Mark the places of overnight stays according to your budget. After that, read the reviews of visitors. Next, choose from the remaining hotels and hostels closest to the cluster of attractions on your route. You can also use CouchSurfing services, this will make your trip more colorful. You might even be able to meet locals and make new friends. But be extremely careful, and if the place raises even the slightest doubt, then it is better to refuse it. Carefully check the ratings, reviews and information about the people you want to stay with.

4. Food. We also advise you to take care of this in advance so as not to exceed your budget. But at the same time, do not miss all the most delicious and interesting. Read in advance about the prices in local markets, offers in cafes and restaurants along your route.

5. Consider transportation or use your own car. If you are a fan of comfortable transportation, not limited in budget, then study local car sharing services in advance and book a car or motorcycle there. But still in the city you should refuse private transport in favor of public transport. Otherwise, your movement can be fraught with long traffic jams and crowded parking spaces.

6. Mark on the map all the points and locations you have selected, such as places of interest, overnight stays (hotel, hostel, apartment, house, etc.), restaurants and others. Optimize the logistics of movement by connecting them together or even abandoning some of them. This will greatly save your time and money.

7. Based on your itinerary, complete the Travel Bucket List items to make them more personal or travel-appropriate for a tour, corporate or school trip, or vacation with friends or family.

Alabama Travel Bucket List

“Camellia state” or “Heart of dixie” should attract you with its dense forests, endless plains, beaches, rivers, colonial architecture, historical museums and nature reserves.

Alaska Travel Bucket List

If you give this harsh state a chance, you will definitely not regret it! Endless landscapes with unspoilt nature, the splendor of the northern lights, glaciers and rivers will surely conquer you with their beauty!

Arizona Travel Bucket List

For a true immersion in the atmosphere of “Apache State”, you should definitely visit it. Fascinating landscapes with canyons. Native American cultural monuments. You will surely be impressed by what you see.

Arkansas Travel Bucket List

This “natural” state is primarily famous for its pristine beauty of nature, in particular forests and its inhabitants – bears. It will be a great place for eco-tourism and outdoor activities.

California Travel Bucket List

California is sunny not only in terms of weather, but also in spirit. This state is sure to enthrall anyone. Colorful cities, beaches, surfing and the film industry have left a big mark on the number of unique and interesting attractions.

Colorado Travel Bucket List

Home to the first cheeseburger and rodeo, hot springs, great sand dunes, the Rocky Mountain Range, it’s all that unites the state of Colorado. There is a place for everyone who wants to see picturesque places and be at one with beautiful nature.

Connecticut Travel Bucket List

The state of Connecticut will be a great place for outdoor enthusiasts or for connoisseurs of architecture. Here you will find many open-air museums, mountain ranges that are suitable for hiking and golden beaches on Long Island Bay.

Delaware Travel Bucket List

This diverse and unusual state includes not only a huge number of cultural and historical attractions, but also the coastline, ocean inhabitants, and other musical arts.

Florida Travel Bucket List

If you are looking for a piece of heaven on earth, then you need to go to Florida. Warm climate, excellent diving sites, endless coasts and theme parks, from the sight of which both adults and children will go crazy!

State of Georgia Travel Bucket List

One of the very first 13 colonies, the state will be primarily interesting for its historical and cultural attractions. In addition, Georgia will be able to charm you with its nature and views.

Hawaii Travel Bucket List

One of the most popular vacation states, not only in the US, but throughout the world. This “tropical paradise” will undoubtedly make you and your loved ones happy with its islands, cool surf spots, beaches, waterfalls, jungles, volcanoes.

Idaho Travel Bucket List

Balanced with a wealth of both historical and cultural attractions, Idaho is universally suited for both family vacations and action-packed trips with friends.

Illinois Travel Bucket List

Illinois is the state where three US presidents were born and raised. A great place for a first trip, because there are many picturesque places, Shawnee National Park, Cahokia Mounds and various museums that will not leave you indifferent!

Indiana Travel Bucket List

You won’t believe how many action sports, eco-tourism, festivals, wineries, and plantations this amazing state has to offer. The whole family will have a great time here!

Iowa Travel Bucket List

Although Iowa is world famous for its corn, this state can still interest even the most experienced travelers in other things. For example, its geography, state parks and unusual sights.

Kansas Travel Bucket List

Homeland of Indian tribes, wide plains, bison and cicadas. Nature, blooming sunflowers, endless plains and the free spirit of the ancestors help to fully experience the beauty of Kansas. Travelers always find something to be surprised here.

Kentucky Travel Bucket List

Bluegrass State is interesting not only for its picturesque bluegrass fields, but also for a bunch of other unusual places and attractions. In Kentucky you will definitely find something that will truly surprise you! For example, giant bats.

Louisiana Travel Bucket List

This state is filled to the brim with drive and jazz. Play legal games of chance, eat traditional food, visit lush forests with spectacular scenery, or adopt a crocodile as a pet. It is here that you can feel like the king of this life!

Maine Travel Bucket List

It is here that you will have a good rest from the bustle of the city. Rapids rivers, crystal clear lakes, forest parks, living springs, coasts with large lighthouses and this is only a small part of the whole picturesque history of the state.

Maryland Travel Bucket List

In this state, you will definitely find your type of holiday. Walk through the wide oak forests, or drive up into the mountains and visit the ski resort. Finally, you can visit the Atlantic coast of the state, and lazily bask in the warm sun.

Massachusetts Travel Bucket List

Complicated names of lakes, large arenas, stadiums, historical sights, beaches, nature reserves, unusual museums, funny laws, interesting locations and landscapes will make your trip memorable and as positive as possible.

Michigan Travel Bucket List

Surfing, scenic walks, canoeing, fishing in hundreds of majestic lakes, rivers and waterfalls, in general, the state of Michigan is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen and thrill-seekers.

Minnesota Travel Bucket List

Picturesque nature and modern technologies live here in unison. By visiting Minnesota, you can enrich your knowledge with many interesting museums and attractions. Or, you can actively relax on fishing, rafting or canoeing.

Mississippi Travel Bucket List

Large and diverse state. It combines natural resources, cultural diversity, blues and jazz evenings, which attract millions of tourists a year. You will enjoy your trip to this beautiful state of the USA!

Missouri Travel Bucket List

If you have been looking for peace, beauty and tranquility in one place for a long time, then the state of Missouri is perfect for you. The cities of the state will delight you with cool sights, an evening of jazz music and delicious food.

Montana Travel Bucket List

At Montana, the spirit of freedom is in the air! Fast rivers, coniferous forests, mountains, plains, various fauna and flora, rafting, hiking, forest walks, fishing. In general, here you will find everything that your heart desires.

Nebraska Travel Bucket List

In Nebraska, you can see the opposition of two worlds: modernity and mother nature. Scenic views are intertwined with cities and the wonderful humor of local residents. This is where you can get vivid impressions of the trip!

Nevada Travel Bucket List

Visit the arid but very gambling state of Nevada. There are mountain ranges, amazing canyons, caves and lakes that will surprise even the most hardened travelers. And lovers of gambling will feel like kings here, especially in Las Vegas!

New Hampshire Travel Bucket List

A small but cozy state that attracts thousands of tourists with its simplicity, picturesque views of the White Mountains, national parks, lakes, rivers and dense forests. Visit New Hampshire and relax with the state’s magnificent nature.

New Jersey Travel Bucket List

Beautiful gardens, cityscapes, developed infrastructure, gaming business, contrasting and colorful is the first thing that is associated with New Jersey. Here you will find everything you need for a calm and measured life or recreation.

New Mexico Travel Bucket List

Ancient Indian settlements, the Rio Grande River, national reserves, parks, churches, cliffs, white deserts and many other interesting locations will make your trip to this state one of the best!

New York Travel Bucket List

Visit the main tourist destination in the USA – the state of New York!
This state is always associated with delicious, layered pie. After all, there are a lot of interesting places here that will make your trip unforgettable.

North Carolina Travel Bucket List

It is here that the most beautiful beaches, the Atlantic Ocean, picturesque mountain ranges, nature reserves, good climate are located. This is a great place for the first trip, which will give unforgettable impressions and give a lot of emotions.

North Dakota Travel Bucket List

Spend time near Mount Rushmore, feel the spirit of westerns and wildlife. Well, or, visit this state for the largest, annual biker festival. You will definitely enjoy your trip to North Dakota!

Ohio Travel Bucket List

Be sure to visit this state to see ancient towns, national parks, monuments, unique museums. Even one day is enough to get the whole range of impressions from what you see!

Oklahoma Travel Bucket List

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Oklahoma? Cold and wasteland? In fact, the state has a lot of unique and fascinating natural monuments, for example: “glass hills”, numerous lakes, prairies, mountains.

Oregon Travel Bucket List

Oregon is a multi-faceted diamond that holds all the beauty of nature. Mountain ranges, Hood volcano, rivers, deepest lakes, coniferous forests, nature reserves and even desert. It is here that you can relax and get tired at the same time.

Pennsylvania Travel Bucket List

This is a state rich in culture, history, natural beauty. Which will definitely delight you with its museums, various exhibitions, architecture, traditions and delicious food.

Rhode Island Travel Bucket List

Small in size, but huge in attractiveness. Long coastal lines, modern architecture and architecture of past centuries, bewitching nature, and interesting sights will not leave you without good impressions.

South Carolina Travel Bucket List

If you want to spend your vacation soaking up the beach, then you should visit South Carolina. During the day, bask on the best beaches in America, and in the evening, visit the local colonial architecture and entertainment centers.

South Dakota Travel Bucket List

A corner of the history of the wild west, the Sioux Indians, the birthplace of bison and magnificent nature. Tourists are met here by parks, nature reserves, bizarre landscapes and picturesque views. At least for the sake of landscapes, you must definitely come here!

Tennessee Travel Bucket List

You need to plan your trip exactly to the state of Tennessee. To see the grand mountain ranges, cultural heritage monuments, historical landmarks, visit the homeland of the most famous whiskey and get a charge of vivid emotions for life!

Texas Travel Bucket List

Imbued with the true spirit of America, the state will be an amazing place to explore the “World of the Wild West”. It is famous for its cowboys, gun culture, and the best barbecue restaurants.

Utah Travel Bucket List

The state holds the record for the number of forested snow-capped mountains, canyons, desert plains, gorges, parks (national and state). It will be a great place for those who want to fully reconnect with nature.

Vermont Travel Bucket List

Deciding to visit the “State of Green Mountains”? Definitely worth it! This place is beautiful not only for its forest and mountain landscapes with lakes and hiking trails along them, but also for the production of maple syrup and ice cream.

Virginia Travel Bucket List

The capital of the confederation, the Internet, the largest number of presidents and just the very first Thanksgiving. It will be the best choice if you want to see as many sights as possible.

Washington Travel Bucket List

Washington DC is a great place, both for the first trip and for the next tour. Whales, killer whales, lakes, volcanoes, mountains, parks, forests, waterfalls, the Pacific Ocean. You will definitely remember all this for years to come!

West Virginia Travel Bucket List

The majestic Appalachian mountain range, far-reaching forests and numerous other natural monuments will be appreciated by lovers of outdoor activities or people who want to get away from the bustle of the city.

Wisconsin Travel Bucket List

The world’s capital of water parks will please both children and adults. Summerfest and other major festivals. You will definitely like all this. Ideal for those who want to come off to the fullest!

Wyoming Travel Bucket List

Rich in natural attractions such as nature reserves, wildlife habitats, valleys, mountains, great plains and many others. “Cowboy State” will conquer you with its beauty and historical monuments of Indian culture.

We wish you a great vacation! Check out for other useful Google Docs Templates.