Kansas Travel Bucket List Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Kansas Travel Bucket List Template for Google Docs. If you decide to visit the most windy state of America, then this template is definitely ideal for you! Kansas has many names: “Sunflower State”, “Wheat State”, “The Central State”, “The Grasshopper State” and finally “Cyclone State”. Also Kansas is a home and birthplace of Ellie Smith and her younger sister Annie, and James Goodwin. But Kansas is also famous for its endless prairies and the heritage of numerous Indian tribes. There is no better way to describe Kansas than this. Just think about it, herds of wild horses and bison once walked through these lands.

In order for you to enjoy it all, we have compiled the Kansas travel bucket list free Google Docs template. It includes: Wichita Gardens, Kansas State Capitol, Boot Hill Museum, Sedgwick County Zoo, Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Wilson State Park, Disneyland, Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City, Evel Knievel Museum, Death Valley Park, OZ Museum and others.

A darkened colorful photo background with a picturesque view of Kansas, a simple layout, an antiqua heading and a list in a minimalistic grotesque font. That’s what the initial design of the template is all about. You can use it or change any part you want. You can open the template in Google Docs or any other MS office editor. This Kansas Travel Bucket List is perfect for any getaway, whether it’s a surprise family outing or a long road trip with your friends. Customize this and other bucket lists from our website! They are all completely free to use.