Kentucky Travel Bucket List Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Kentucky Travel Bucket List Template for Google Docs.

If you still decide to visit this state, amazing in its originality, then you certainly did not lose. You will be able to visit and see truly unique places and sights. Only here you can see: the mysterious Appalachian Mountains, the “Bluegrass region” or as it is also called “Bluegrass”, numerous racetracks, coal, oil and gold deposits, Bourbon distilleries, tobacco plantations, caves and waterfalls, majestic prairies, a tributary of the Ohio River and much more. Don’t think that travelers go to Kentucky just for its natural or geographic riches, there is so much to see. For example, architecture, parks, sculptures, squares, cathedrals, and much more. This list consists exclusively of the most iconic and interesting places that we have selected especially for you.

Simple layout and minimalist design will allow you to change the template and release it for printing in the shortest possible time. You can also use the original formatting with beautiful backgrounds and horses grazing in the meadow and grotesque fonts. Feel free to replace some locations with others or remove them altogether.

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