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20+ Free Newspaper Google Docs Templates

Do you create your own newspapers? Or are you an editorial designer tasked with redesigning a newspaper? But at the same time, you don’t want to spend a lot of time on it, do you? It would be beneficial for you to familiarize yourself with the material we have prepared – 20+ Free Newspaper Google Docs Templates. After all, every designer or any other person knows that it takes a lot of time to create a new layout, especially such as a newspaper. Sometimes it takes even more than one day.

Our team of professionals is well aware that at the moment, time is the most important and useful resource. Therefore, we have prepared for you 20+ Free Newspaper Google Docs Templates. They will definitely help you save your time, as well as create a creative and interesting newspaper. They are sure to please your readers. Moreover, you can easily customize them according to your own, special style. Here are a variety of templates that are sure to help you find the right newspaper for your project or editorial office. Read this article and use one of the templates today!

Newspaper Wedding Program

This is a cool novelty that is just beginning to come into fashion. Forget about the usual wedding photos that the photographer sends you via email. Create a newspaper that captures the fun and sweet moments of your wedding. Then you can print many issues and distribute to your family and friends.

Classic Newspaper

In this case, classic doesn’t mean ordinary or boring. This is a cool newspaper in a modern style, but with a classic design, which makes it suitable for many publishers.

School Newspaper

There is nothing better than telling your students about upcoming events using the school newspaper. This is a minimalist but packed with important information newspaper template that your students are sure to appreciate.

Wedding Newspaper

This newspaper is ideal for creating a creative mini presentation of your wedding. Place here the location and time of the ceremony, menu, possible contests and other announcements of your wedding.

School Newspaper

This is a good template to help you convey important information to your students, and possibly get them interested in a personal, school newspaper as well.

Tourism Newspaper

This template is perfect for those who have always wanted to create their own tourism newspaper. The newspaper is well structured and divided into blocks for text and photos. It is perfect for travel campaigns or for themed releases.

Newspaper AD

This template will be a great solution for additional monetization of your newspaper. After all, it allows you to create a high-quality section with AD, which potential customers can place for an additional fee. By doing so, you will expand your audience of readers.

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Classic Newspaper

Make your newspaper more popular with this classic newspaper template. A similar template is used by well-known, global newspaper publishers who have proven more than once that readers really like similar format of templates.

Travel Newspaper

Many travel agencies lose their potential customers because they don’t keep their own travel newspaper. Use this template to let more customers know about your offers, hot tours and interesting travel destinations.

Newspaper Article For Students

This is a very versatile and simple template that is perfect for schools, universities, clubs or even some science events. With Google Docs, you can easily edit and modify this newspaper to meet your needs.

Church Newspaper

Many are accustomed to seeing church newspapers as boring, without visual pictures and in black and white color. Use this fun and creative church newspaper template to impress and keep your parishioners engaged.

Real Estate Newspaper

Real estate has become very popular lately. So new newspapers and issues about it are being actively created. Use this versatile, creative and unique template to deliver the top real estate news to your clients. Readers of your newspaper will definitely appreciate its colorful and memorable look!

Church Newspaper

This is a great layout for creating an interesting church newspaper in which you will report on upcoming events, religious holidays, charity, or maybe write down prayers for your parishioners.

Student Newspaper

This is a good template to create a student newspaper that will be run by the students. Thus, you will interest them more in their studies and teach them the basics of journalism and organization. Students will be able to create a section where they will publish funny news from school life or a page with the best students of the month.

Old Fashioned Newspaper

Create a themed newspaper that was very popular in the past using this template. Excellent structuring and elaboration of each block by designers will allow you to use such a newspaper in many cases. For example, for a theme party in the style of the last century, or for the launch of a limited newspaper edition in the old style.

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Vintage Newspaper

Today, vintage items are becoming very popular. So use this template to be the first to impress your readers with the extraordinary style of a vintage newspaper.

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Newspaper Obituary

This template is ideal to diversify or add a new section to your newspaper. Most popular newspaper publications have long used the newspaper obituary to inform their readers about even deplorable news such as the death of famous people.

Elementary School Newspaper

This is a cute template designed especially for elementary school. Use it to inform your students about upcoming holidays, events, tests, or even sports competitions that will take place at the school.

New York Times Newspaper

Stylish, minimalistic, informative – this is exactly the impression that this template makes when you first look at it. This universal template can be used in any direction. For example, to create a corporate newspaper or use it in a non-standard presentation of a project.

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Property Newspaper

If you want to create a new real estate newspaper but can’t decide on a template, then this newspaper is perfect for you. After all, there are no difficult-to-edit elements in it. This is a simple yet beautiful and full of information property newspaper template suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Baby Newspaper

If you know a lot about parenting, then use this template to create a baby newspaper. Here you can talk about your parenting experience, share life hacks and tips with new parents.

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Student Newspaper

This is a modern and stylish newspaper for students that will not leave anyone indifferent. By using it, you can make student newspapers more popular in your school.

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Newspaper For Kids

Newspapers should be interesting not only for adults, but also for children. This template allows you to create a completely new newspaper, which will contain news about educational games, comics, children’s fashion, etc.

Fake Newspaper

Make your readers happy with a little rebranding. This truly cool template will allow you to explode the interest of your consumers. Modern fonts, new headings and a chic design will help you achieve this effect as soon as possible.


The unique style, bright elements and well-thought-out categories will help you create a modern and most importantly popular newspaper.

Newspaper Article

Tear your competitors to shreds, only use this template instead of brute force. Thoughtful placement of sections, non-monotonous fonts and an interesting structure will do everything for you. And the possibility of advertising will allow you to quickly find sponsors.

Newspaper Advertisement

Revolutionize the newspaper business with this template. It has everything you need to make your print publication popular among your target audience. A clear structure, beautiful design, a dedicated section for advertising and this is only a small part of the advantages that it has.

London Newspaper

The classic has always been a priority, the same applies to this template. The brown tones of the paper, which give it a special high cost, black and white images and fonts, which are immediately associated with something exquisite. It can also be used for various stage images or parties.

Newspapers is a section of quality and versatile templates that can be used in various situations and formats. Also, you can find more useful and free templates on gdoc.io and start using them today!