Property Newspaper Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Property Newspaper template in Google Docs. Refined and conservative design will help to create an impression of you as a successful real estate agency or publisher. Extremely minimalistic design will certainly create an impression of you as a source of expert opinion. Each sheet has a special layout for certain purposes. For example, there is a page for articles, luxury real estate or advertising. The method of dividing the strip into four columns will help you make the text easier to read. Design details emphasize important blocks: price, realtor specialists or footer. In this design, the main detail is an image of an urban landscape. The name of the newspaper is duplicated in the upper right corner, and the number and date of issue in the left corner. Add personal photos, articles and objects for sale.

You can edit and use the template completely free of charge and also for commercial use! So transform the style according to the brand book or your personal preferences. Combine layout blocks with each other to create your own unique stripes. Moreover, the property newspaper free Google Docs template can be easily edited online in Google Docs and is ready to print. Go to the newspapers section of and find the best option for you!