Casual Wedding Invitation Free Google Docs Template


Get our user-friendly Casual Wedding Invitation Free Google Docs Template. Are you planning a casual wedding celebration filled with love, laughter and joy? Then you definitely need to share that day with as many relatives, friends, and just acquaintances as possible. To help you create a personalized and charming invitation for your casual wedding, we have prepared this flower invitation. This template will allow you to customize and create a unique invitation. It reflects the relaxed and intimate atmosphere of your special day.

Delicate pastel colors on the background perfectly emphasize the text accompaniment. And thanks to high-quality drawings, delicate colors in the corners, and a thin orange frame, it will be much easier for you to highlight the most important and warm words. In the upper right corner, you can place a short information about the date and time of the event. And in the lower corner, on the contrary, you can write down exactly the address of the place where everything will happen. In the middle, in large letters, the names of those whom you want to see at your ceremony stand out qualitatively. They are perfectly visible from the main template, thanks to the “Dancing Script” font.

With this template, you can easily create an invitation that captures the essence of your special wedding celebration. You can also customize this free casual wedding invitation template in Google Docs to suit the style and preferences of your wedding. Don’t forget to include all necessary information about the event and other useful information. In addition, discover a wide selection of high-quality and distinctive templates available at