Boho Wedding Invitation Free Google Docs Template


Introducing to you Boho Wedding Invitation Free Google Docs Template. If you’re planning a boho wedding filled with natural elements, relaxed vibes and a dash of fantasy, our boho wedding invitation free Google Docs template is perfect for you. Moreover, this template will help you create a spectacular and personalized invitation that captures the essence of your bohemian celebration. Let your guests feel the charm and beauty of your special day with this unique invitation design.

Experience a visually captivating and emotionally evocative template that sets the tone for a memorable and immersive experience. The gentle white background makes this one of the most interesting minimalist templates. The image of hand-picked flowers in a small bouquet, great for a solemn celebration. Position the names of a loving couple or esteemed guests prominently in the center, where they will elegantly draw attention, enhanced by the exquisite “Merriweather” font. At the bottom, you can also write down a short cover letter. There you can write warm words of invitation and indicate the date as well as place of your common holiday.

By using this template, you can be sure that your guests will receive an invitation that reflects the beauty and spirit of your boho wedding, making them look forward to your special day. Customize the template (fonts, colors and graphics) to create an invitation that resonates with your vision for a boho wedding. Moreover, add personal touches like quotes, lyrics, or meaningful symbols to make the invitation really special. For this, a Google Docs editor will do. In addition, visit to add useful templates to your life.