Casual Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation Free Google Docs Template


We are thrilled to present our newest addition – an incredible and Free Casual Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation Google Docs Template. Planning a bachelorette party for a future bride is an exciting and joyful event. This is the perfect opportunity to break free and have a blast before embarking on the next chapter of your life with utmost commitment and balance. We set out to help you prepate a stunning and personalized hen-party invitation. So we have made this casual wedding bridal shower invitation free Google Docs template. This bridal shower offers you the flexibility to customize and create a unique invitation that perfectly reflects the relaxed and joyful atmosphere of the event.

Its appearance effortlessly grabs attention, thanks to its tender, peach background, which flawlessly highlights and accentuates the entire text. The delicate floral images resemble the work of a professional master, who skillfully portrays them with a thin and graceful brushstroke. As a result, they fit perfectly into the overall picture. And thanks to the orange frame, the template seems larger and more attractive. The name is located at the very beginning and stands out perfectly thanks to the font “Dancing Script“. Name and surname, as well as an invitation letter, are located in the main part.

Using this template, you have the opportunity to create an invitation that will exactly match your preferences and be attractive. In addition, customize the template to suit the bride’s style and preferences. For this, a simple Google Docs editor will do. You can find more useful, unique and free templates at, in sections like bucket lists, wedding invitations, lined papers, etc.