How to Set Background Color in Google Docs?
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How to Set Background Color in Google Docs?

Now we’ll show you how to set the background color in Google Docs. Google Docs makes it easy to create any kind of document possible, but some need to be more complex with a background image or color. Tables, text, files with different fonts and formats can be upgraded with a background layer. Despite the thought that this process is quite difficult, there are workarounds in Google Docs that will allow you to do this without pressure.

This article explains various ways to do this.

You can quickly change or set the background color in Google Docs by following the 4 steps below.

  1. Open the Google Docs document for which you want to set the background color.
  2. Click on the “File” menu -> Click on “Page setup”.
  3. Click on the “Page Color” drop-down and select the desired color according to your requirements.
  4. Finally, click on the “Ok” button to set the desired color.

Let’s discover these steps more carefully

How to set the background color in Google Docs?

Setting the background color for your document in Google Docs is easy and takes just a few steps.


Click FilePage Setup


Pop-up window will ask you whether you want to apply this new setting to the whole document or to individual pages, in this box you can choose page orientation, paper size, color and set margins.


Click the “Page Color” drop-down menu located at the bottom left corner of the pop-up window, select the desired color from the list of colors.


Next, after you click the Page Colors drop-down, the Google Docs Color Palette will open. It consists of a variety of colors that allows you to choose one. But if you need a very special color, or your color isn’t shortlisted in the pop-up palette, you can change it manually, set your own shadow, and even enter your desired HTML color code. Choose Custom above the colored rings and set your own.


Once you choose the color, click the “OK” button. You can also make this new normal by “set as default” option.