How to Change Margins in Google Docs?
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How to Change Margins in Google Docs?

Two easy ways how to change margins in Google Docs. For document edging, filling empty spaces, and visual editing, margins are a very important feature in Google Docs.

Quick Steps

  • To change margins in Google Docs: Click File -> Page Setup -> Modify and set margins according your needs.
  • Click and Drag method: Use Ruler (grey area on the left and top along the perimeter).

How to Edit Margins

While working with different documents you must follow some rules and formats. So to make your job easy you can set and achieve results directly changing margins in Google Docs. All you need is the text and some time to edit in the way you like:

  • Page Setup Method
  • Ruler Method

Change Margins in Page Setup

This method is very handy if you follow very strict and official document rules, or if you need to be more precise.


Open or upload your file in Google Docs.


Click File (up left row) choose Page setup (in the bottom of the list).


Set your size in chart


Press Ok

Change Margins Ruler method


Check the left and top sides around the perimeter to have ruler.


Drag and drop lines according your needs.


If you cant see this ruler, check it via View -> Show Ruler

Default or Remove all Margins

1 inch margins are default set for Google Docs.

If you need to change it back after your editing, it’s better to use SET UP METHOD.

Remove all margins

Use SET UP METHOD to put zero inside boxes.

You can UNDO all your steps if you have made a mistake.