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Workplace Incident Report Free Google Docs Template


Introducing to you Workplace Incident Report Free Google Docs Template. It is very versatile and has all licenses for free use. It is common for factories to have accidents. In such cases, it is mandatory to prepare an incident report. Unfortunately, most firms do not have prepared documents that may be needed in emergency situations. A pre-prepared template will help the victim receive compensation in the future and morally understand that he will not be left alone. That’s why this workplace incident report free Google Docs template is the perfect solution.

Minimalistic appearance, in line with the business style of documents. Strict lines as well as bright text colors blend perfectly together. The template name has well-defined borders, thanks to which it will be difficult for you to lose it. All important information is also divided into separate categories for convenience (Person Involved/injured, Details of Incident/accident, Witnesses, Follow Up). In addition, all items are accompanied by a horizontal line for ease of writing. At the bottom of the template, there is a place for both the authority’s and the filler’s signatures.

This design is highly adaptable and ideal for a wide range of firms and enterprises. If, at the direction of the guide, you need to add or remove some items from the template, feel free to use Google Docs for this. In the same editor, you can easily integrate additional photos, put a signature on the template, print, or change the color scheme of the template to your corporate colors. If you are often looking for templates that will be useful for your company, then you should definitely visit Moreover, this is the only place where you can download a variety of unique reports that are suitable for personal use.