Incident Report Free Google Docs Template


Use the free and easy to edit online Incident Report Free Google Docs Template. Unfortunately, the modern world is full of dangers. According to statistics, most often, dangers await us at work. These may be some kind of accidents, injuries or incidents that happened for various reasons. At the moment, most campaigns simply do not know how to properly file any production incidents. As a result, insurers cannot pay the full or even partial amount of compensation to the injured person. Therefore, you should take advantage of this incident report free Google Docs template.

Simple in appearance, but the template is filled to the top with important information. White background goes well with blue hues. The template name stands out well from the rest of the text, so it will be hard to lose it among other documents. A structured table allows you to clearly describe information about the incident, a detailed description of what happened, the type of incident, location, city, date, specifics of the working area, etc. At the bottom of the template, there is a place where you need to write down information about the reporter (name, phone number). Also, there is a separate place for Supervisor Name and Supervisor Signature.

The whole template is easy to edit and change. For example, if you really want to, you can add more classic colors (black, white, brown), remove or add new technical questions, insert a print or a new image, change the size of cells or other elements. Also, you can add uniqueness to the template using your logo. Just place it on the template. All changes are best done in a simple online editor from Google Docs. Even more good-looking and most importantly useful templates can be found at This is a whole storehouse with a variety of templates.