Real Estate Newsletter Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Real Estate Newsletter template for Google Docs.

Do you care how people perceive your brand? And for good reason, because any brand is primarily read from the visual details. For example, such as a company badge, business card or even a newsletter. Can you remember the last time you thought about how you want to look in the eyes of customers? If you want to look like a professional, then this and other newsletter templates for real estate business are just perfect for you.

A minimalistic and contrasting template is perfect for real estate catalogs in different architectural styles and trends. Design and layout devoid of unnecessary details will not divert attention from information about housing and photographs of the exterior and interior. The combination of white, black and one accent color will help you choose the right color scheme. For the most important information, there are blocks of first-level headings, discounts, real estate prices and a footer with contact information (phone number, corporate email, web site address). We also made places for photos with horizontal and vertical orientation.

You can easily edit the template by clicking on the button in Google Docs. A file will open there, after which you can edit it and immediately send it for printing. You can also download a template for editing in Microsoft Word or any other text editor. You can completely transform the design and color scheme of the template.

We remind you that in addition to the real estate newsletter free Google Docs template on our website you can find even more newsletters for realtors and real estate agencies. There is no charge for using any of the templates.