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Company Newsletter Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Company Newsletter template for Google Docs.

Do you need to create a newsletter for corporate mail but you are not familiar with graphic editors? Do you want to cover important news, events and promotions in the company in the shortest possible time? Do you need to make the first release, and there are literally a couple of hours left before the deadline? Don’t worry! Our template will help you cope with this, due to the minimalistic layout and easy-to-edit design. Due to the combination of sections and semantic blocks, you can easily change any components (color scheme, raster and vector objects, artboard, etc.). The built-in fonts from the Google Fonts library also adapt well to any media, and have a wide range and a large number of styles, due to which you can customize their style, size, configuration and much more in a couple of clicks. Thanks to the extensive range of features, which also includes shared or offline access, you will be able to release a template in a matter of time.

A modern and easy-to-edit template can be used in any text and graphics editor that opens standard file extensions. When you open a template, you automatically go to Google Doсs where you can enter your data, change text, layout, format the template (artboard size and orientation, language, etc.), vector and raster elements, color scheme, and much more.

Use Company Newsletter and any other templates for Google Docs provided on our website for free!