Graduate Certificate Free Google Docs Template


Here is a great Graduate Certificate Free Google Docs Template. The most memorable days in any of the educational centers are admission and the main event – graduation party. At such evenings, the organizers award students with diplomas and certificates. Often, those who are responsible for issuing certificates take the same template, which is absolutely no different from the rest. Our team believes that everyone who has come such a long and difficult path in achieving their educational goals should receive something individual and memorable. That is why we have prepared this graduate certificate free Google Docs template. The certificates officially recognize the education obtained and mark a significant milestone in the lives of all graduates.

The modern design and non-standard solutions in this template will definitely appeal to every recipient. A simple white background, against which text of absolutely any color stands out qualitatively. A thin golden frame surrounds the text on all sides, distinguishing it from the rest of the content. The title and subject of the document are located at the top. In the middle, on a horizontal line, you need to mark the name and surname of the recipient. It compares favorably, thanks to the “Great Vibes” font. At the bottom is a small cover letter, as well as the day, month and year of receipt of the certificate. Also, there is space for two signatures.

In addition, at any stage, you have the opportunity to refine the structure. For example, integrate a photo, add a new letter of wishes, change the color scheme of the text, etc. It all depends on you or the requirements of the project. If you often need to use Google Docs templates and get tired of searching the web, then we have what you need. Save and use the site!