Lined Paper With Picture Box Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Lined Paper With Picture Box Template for Google Docs. Students can write their fantastic ideas on this beautiful lined paper for printing! You can use it for both preschool and 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade. And even for creative tasks for students, this template is perfect! Moreover, every person has moments in his life when he wants to share the bright parts of his life with family and friends. But how can you beautifully combine picture and text? It’s actually quite simple, you can use lined paper with picture box free Google Docs template.

The original template consists of:
– The frame in which the main part of the template is located is made in the form of a folder shortcut;
– Template name;
– Place for date and name;
– Place for a photo with dotted and solid blue lines;
– Two types of lines for easy writing (horizontal solid and dotted lines).

This versatile lined paper is great for writing letters with family photos attached. Or also the teachers can use it for educational purposes. For example, post a photo of a canyon and let students describe what they see there. You can easily modify the template using Google Docs. On the website, you can find many free templates in sections such as lined papers, newsletters, class schedules and others.