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Healthy Food Business Card Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Healthy Food Business Card Free Google Docs Template.

Fresh and minimalistic design will be a good addition to your company’s image. The development’s primary goal was to promote a progressive and healthy attitude toward food. Therefore, natural shades of green were chosen as the main accent color. Photos that are matched to the tone create the desired harmonious combination. Minimalistic grotesque font emphasizes the purity of the design style. The text included in the template contains: line of business “organization events and parties”, brand name “vegan”, order number, corporate mail, the site of the company, address(es).

Format the design according to your requirements. High adaptability to any electronic media and printing options will allow you to use the design in a variety of situations. You can also edit the scale, color scheme, element sizes, style, fonts, and more.

Find more Vegetarian Text & Graphic Templates at All of them are absolutely free and available for editing and downloading. Share your contact information online or by printing now! The design is compatible with Microsoft Word and macOS Pages and is available for every user!