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Asian Restaurant Business Card Free Google Docs Template


Get this free and easily editable online Asian Restaurant Business Card Free Google Docs Template.

To display this orientation, an associated Asian style was chosen. Images were chosen as the visualization of the dishes: a classic set, rolls with shrimp and fish, wasabi, soy sauce, and Chinese sticks. These detailed and high-quality photos are combined with a minimalistic design and layout. The composition was carefully planned and we remembered to leave a space for your logo. Red was chosen as an accent and goes well with the standard black and white color scheme. A calligraphic cursive font was chosen for the first level heading, all other text blocks are made in a simple grotesque font. The information parts contain: mobile, website, email and address, line of business description (restaurant), name (japanese food).

Transform the design of the layout, its quantity and availability of details, fonts, scales, color scheme, orientation, layout and everything you want! Don’t worry about the adaptability of the template, you can use it for both MS Office text editors and Google Docs.

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