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City Taxi Business Card Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online City Taxi Business Card template in Google Docs. City taxi is a complex structure interacting with many business partners to provide high quality service. A high level of service for the transportation of people in the city is achieved by the control of the departments responsible for safety, cleanliness, health and much more. Cars must be clean both outside and in the cabin, for this the taxi company must have its own car wash or an affiliated partner. A mandatory attribute of a taxi service that takes care of the health and safety of the driver and passenger is a medical worker on the territory of the taxi company. Technical service with qualified mechanics will allow you to check the car for serviceability before leaving for a shift, as well as make timely repairs if necessary. A well-designed business card will help you work with contractors to supply all departments. This design is developed and available for editing online in Google Docs.