How to Play Super Bowl Football Squares?
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How to Play Super Bowl Football Squares?

Today we will help you figure out How to Play Super Bowl Football Squares. Playing Football Squares is a popular activity during the Super Bowl (the championship of the National Football League). Participants make bets and win prizes by predicting the outcomes of each quarter and the game’s final score.

What could be better than enjoying a Super Bowl game of football with good company of friends or sitting at a bar with crowds of other fans? Every goal scored by the team you support is an indescribable range of emotions that, like the mouth of a volcano, explode and are not held back one bit. It is here that the sternest man can shed a stingy man’s tear, out of joy for an epically scored goal that decided the entire outcome of the match.

But apart from this, you can increase your excitement by playing Football Squares during the match. Many may be the first to hear about such a game as Football Squares. But it is a truly interesting and involving game in which you can get not only a huge range of joyful emotions, but also even earn a little extra money. You can be sure there is nothing complicated about this. The key is to study this article carefully, complete all the tasks step by step, and by the end of your reading, you will know how to play the Super Bowl Football Squares!

Here are the instructions on How to Play Super Bowl Football Squares:


Grid Download:
• Choose a grid template for Super Bowl Squares from the website
• Open the file online in Google Docs or on your computer in Microsoft PowerPoint.


Cell Distribution:
• Invite participants to select cells and write their names in the chosen cells.


Number Assignment and Prize Determination:
• Assign random numbers from 0 to 9 to each row and column (Team A and Team B).
• Determine prizes for each quarter of the game and for the final result.


Winner Determination and Prize Distribution:
• On each axis of the grid, indicate the last digits of the scores for Teams A and B for each quarter and the final score.
• Determine winners for each quarter and the final result by comparing the last digits of the scores with the numbers in the corresponding cells.
• Award prizes to the winners of each quarter and the overall winner according to pre-established rules and prizes.

That’s all, congratulations! Now you’re aware of how you can not just enjoy watching football, but also discover ways to generate income from it while playing Super Bowl Football Squares. In order not to waste your time preparing templates yourself, you can quickly download them from the website